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My Dear Friends in Christ,

Since 1844, St. Patrick Parish has been the jewel of the Parnell countryside.  Our gold cross rises over 160 feet into the air, bidding God’s peace to all that gaze upon it.  When the cross is lit up at night, it is a beacon of hope, signaling that all are welcome.  As one enters our church, they are quickly brought into the
presence of God by our beautifully decorated reredos which contains
the Blessed Sacrament, by the colorful, intricately designed stain glass
windows, and by the hand crafted, detailed statues of saints.  What a lovely
place to gather, celebrate, pray, and worship.

As we gather each week, we experience the Body of Christ with all who
come through our doors; those who have been members their
whole lives, those who have been a part of our family for a
short time, and those who walk through our doors for the
very first time.  Our continual challenge is to welcome all who
come to worship with us.  God has been so good to us and
has graced us in countless ways.  We must continue to share
these blessings.

May God continue to bless St. Patrick Parish, the place that
we are all so proud to call home.

In Mary,
Fr. Thomas J. Cavera
Pastor of St. Patrick Parish

Vision For Our Parish

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