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Christian Initiation

For Children

Children’s initiation is sacramental preparation designed for families of children over age 7 who seek to be baptized.  Elementary aged children and their parents are prepared for baptism together and children are then incorporated into the Religious Education class of their age. 


High school aged students in need of sacramental preparation form a unique class, and individual scheduling can be coordinated if needed.


Any volunteers willing to serve as catechists are welcome!

For Adults

Christian Initiation is a process designed for adults who are searching for a deeper understanding of God and the mystery of faith in their lives. It is a spiritual journey open to baptized Christians, the un-baptized, and Catholics seeking to complete their full initiation into the Catholic Church. This journey includes weekly gatherings, prayer, study and building community.

Those interested should contact Robin Welsh at any time.


RCIA typically begins in September. Please contact us for this year's schedule.
To inquire about Christian Initiation or set up your initial meeting,
contact Robin Welsh at (616) 691-8541 ext. 803

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