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Family Faith Formation

We have transitioned to a family catechesis program to equip parents as the primary educators of passing on the faith to their children. 

Connecting Faith with Family Life

The first Tuesday of every month parents will meet to learn about the monthly topic while children (K-8) receive instruction from their catechist. There will be an at-home lesson with activities to be completed each month to incorporate the Catholic faith into daily family life. Later in the month, we will have a community night for the whole family to enrich the faith and build community!

Sacramental Preparation

As part of sacramental preparation, parents are required to attend one Family of Faith Night per month while their child attends sacramental preparation with their catechist twice a month. Sacramental preparation years are 2nd Grade and 8th Grade. 

A Family of Faith Schedule

2023-2024 FOF Calendar


The tuition for the Family of Faith program may be paid through the registration form. Please do not let inability to pay tuition stop you from participating. Contact the church office before registering if you need financial assistance.


1 Child:            $75

2 Children:    $90

3 Children:    $105

Get Involved


A Family of Faith provides encouragement and resources for catechizing the whole family and helping parents lead their children to Heaven. In addition to the monthly whole family catechesis, families also come together as a community for enjoyable events such as picnics, feast day celebrations, and fun activities.


Become a catechist and share your faith in our family catechesis, RCIC, or RCIA ministry.

For those who enjoy hospitality or event planning, share your talents and help build community for our Family of Faith gatherings. Please contact Robin Welsh if you would like to be a part of implementing our plan.

To inquire about or register for the Family of Faith Program,
contact Robin Welsh,, (616) 691-8541 ext. 803

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