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Nativity set for kids

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

This week we enter the season of Advent!

Displaying nativity sets are an Advent tradition that anticipates the coming of Christ and helps prepare our hearts for Christmas. Adding pieces to a nativity set is a fun activity to involve young ones, and here attached you'll find a paper-doll style set that children can color and cut out to create their own nativity scene.

Explain to your child that as we add a new figure to the nativity scene throughout the days of Advent, we look forward to Christmas day when Jesus, the figure we await, will complete the set! Then, be sure to remember to add Jesus to the nativity scene on Christmas day.

This set includes 10 figures so, to facilitate daily additions to the scene you'll need to print out duplicates of certain figures. Otherwise, plan to add figures on a less frequent basis.

3D Nativity Coloring Kit 2019
Download PDF • 5.44MB

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