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Confirmation preparation - introduction

Dear students and parents,

Welcome to your Confirmation Year!

I am excited for you to prepare for confirmation at home together. My name is Lindsey and I am here to support you as you go along. At the bottom of every lesson you will have the opportunity to submit questions to me if you have them.

Parents, I am also available to meet in the parish office each Wednesday from 1 - 7pm to offer in-person support. Please let me know that you are coming, since after 4:30 the parish office will be closed and I'll need to let you in the building.

Check in here each week to access your weekly lesson videos from Ascension Press as well as view and make assignment submissions.

I will also use this online classroom as a means to communicate pertinent information as your confirmation draws near. This will include form submissions, and Confirmation Mass details.


Your lessons from Ascension Press', Chosen program, coincide with your Chosen textbook. Each lesson includes videos that you will access through ascensionpress.com. Once I have registered your email to the program, you'll be able to sign into the link above and complete your lessons.

In today's assignment, be sure to include the email with which you would like to be registered to Chosen. Upon being registered, you will receive an email invitation to access your lessons.

God bless the year ahead!

Lindsey Wilbur

Director of Faith Formation

St. Patrick Parnell

(616) 691-8541


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