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Confirmation prep - lesson 12

"Who is the Holy Spirit?"

Welcome back! This week's opening prayer is a litany. A litany is a type of prayer used to meditate on a particular theme, such as the names of Christ or receive intercession of the saints. The leader of the litany says a line, and when invoking God directly, we say, "have mercy on us" or if invoking saints' intercession, we say, "pray for us."

In our litany today, we are praying to the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. We will contemplate the various names of the Holy Spirit in order to help us think about who He is. Ask a parent or family member to join you, and pray and choose you or your family member to lead the prayer while the other answers with the response of each line.

+ In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...

Dive in! and read, A Place in the Sun

page 106

login to ascenionpress.com and...

Watch it! Lesson 12 segment 1, and answer the corresponding questions, page 107

What are some symbols traditionally related to the Holy Spirit?

What are some of the quiet ways we can experience the Holy Spirit in our lives?

Watch it! Lesson 12 segment 2, and answer the corresponding questions, page 107

What are some ways that you think the Holy Spirit "animates" the Church?

How does the Holy Spirit act as our "map:? What are some ways we can "access" that map?

What is one thing you can do to open your heart more fully to the grace of the Holy Spirit?

Watch it! Lesson 12 segment 3, and answer the corresponding questions, page 107

Which Person of the Blessed Trinity do you find easiest to talk to?

When might you choose to pray directly to the Holy Spirit?

Read: To the Heart with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

page 108-109

This week's heroine is a young girl from France whose meekness and femininity makes her an unexpected army leader. On page 110 meet...

St. Joan of Arc!

Lastly, how did your challenge go last week? Share your achievement with a friend or family member! Choose a challenge for this week on page 111.

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